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Malabrigo yarns is one of the brands that changed the market, perhaps forever. The company started in Montevideo, Uruguay. They are a fairly young company that has taken the knitting and crocheting world by storm. Family-owned, it was founded in 2005 when Antonio Gonzalez-Arnao started dyeing in his home kitchen. Within a year, he and his business partner Tobias Feder began bringing hand-dyed worsted-weight merino singles yarn to North America and Europe, searching for their market.

Believe it or not, "hand-dyed" was not a coveted attribute a decade ago --Because of the continued growth of the company they have added a mill in Peru as well. River Colors offers a wide assortment of Malabrigo yarns.

Hand Wash Collection

Malabrigo Worsted was the original introduction to the fiber market. The merino single in brilliant hand dyed colors was an instant success. Worsted has an overwhelming selection of colors and continues to be an all time favorite of fiber crafters everywhere.

Malabrigo Lace is a single ply soft merino lace weight yarn.

Baby Silkpaca Lace is a blend of alpaca and silk with a wonderful sheen and halo. This fine lace weight is considered to be two-ply Twist is super springy and considered to be a mulit-ply aran weight yarn that is slightly thick and thin.

Rasta Super bulky single Rastita a DK-weight singles Silky Merino introduces silk to the already soft merino. This wonderful DK blend has a luxurious sheen and is spun as a single.

Finito a limited-edition plied sport weight.

Nube is an unspun top in the delightful colors of the already spun yarns. Nube can can be used for big needle knitting, needle felting, thrums, wet felting, and spinning. Many spinners are fascinated by the loft of singles They are intrigued how a merino short fiber length can become so squishy, and of course want to try to make it themselves. This understanding of spinning makes Them the perfect company to sell unspun top.

Superwash Collection

Rios is a worsted-weight superwash plied merino wool. It is often used for garments that will need easy care and durability such as afghans, sweaters, hats and scarves.

Arroyo is the sportweight version of plied superwash merino wool. Many people have used it for shawls, ponchos, sweaters, accessories and even boot socks.

Mecha ranks as chunky. This single yarn is just what you need when you want to knit or crochet some quick garments and accessories.

Tips for success when working with Malabrigo Yarn's

As a hand-dyed yarn, can vary from skein to skein within a dye lot; different dye lots can vary enough to seem like different colorways. It's important to purchase enough for your project from a single dye lot; alternating skeins every couple of row as you knit or crochet is advisable to blend skeins visually in the finished garment.

Colorways and basesOne of the pleasures of knitting or crocheting with their products is seeing how a familiar colorway appears across the different bases, affected not just by the chance of the dyepot, but also by the blend of fiber, weight and ply of the yarn.The dyeing process remains the same, however, with a fairly stable portfolio of standard colorways; a limited number of new colorways are introduced annually.

Why we love Malabrigo!

Early supporter of Ravelry

When Ravelry was first introduced to the fiber community, their yarns rode the wave of success as the power of internet communication took place. In appreciation of the adoration, and to thank all of the Ravelry members, the brilliant and ever gorgeous Ravelry Red colorway was released.

Independent Designers are valued

Early on in the history of the company, they reached out to the fiber community to ask for designs that showcased the company yarn bases. Based on the success of the outreach, Malabrigo continues to feature designers on their website page entitled "Quickies". The designers are able to retain the rights to their designs while promoted on the Malabrigo website.

Eco friendly.

Malabrigo is working to leave less of a carbon footprint on the environment. In 2010 They added added a flat-plate thermal heating system to the factor. This system uses the power of the sun to heat the water tanks which are used for processing the different yarns. They have also made a commitment to meet the standards of Oeko-Tex superwash manufacturing standards. By following these standards the yarn is free from a range of harmful substances often found in manufacturing.They try to use as few chemicals and as little water as possible.