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River Colors offers luxury fibers, knitting supplies and accessories from leading manufacturers in a multitude of colors, weights and fibers. When you buy yarn online you receive the same high quantity supplies that you can buy at our local store.

Welcome to our world... At River Colors, you can't help but feel bubbly. Go ahead -- touch, discover, play, let your mind run free! Our collection is a reflection of our love for artistic freedom, our appreciation for time-honored skills, and our commitment to delivering you a feast of the very best fibers and patterns to satisfy your creative fancy. Whether you're visiting River Colors Web Site or stopping into our scenic Lakewood, Ohio shop, we invite you to explore our nurturing and whimsical habitat.

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Soul Food for Fiber Artists

How about a warm fuzzy?... We stock inspiration you can touch -- ideas you can feel in textures like alpaca, wool, angora, linen, mohair and cotton. Traditional, funky, wooly, sparkly and soft as silk -- a full house of fibers provides a diverse palette for brand-new knitters and practiced hands. Visit our local store or buy yarn online. River Colors extensive inventory is listed in full online and our stock numbers are kept up to date.

Need some knitting therapy?... Stop in any day, and cozy up to our project table, which is always teeming with the latest designer patterns and projects still on needles (not to mention some of our " test runs" so we can try out new ideas and explain them to you). Give us a call with your questions, and don't hesitate to show off your latest fiber artwork. We can't wait to see what you've been up to -- and we always have plenty to share.

Color your world... Natural fibers in the earth's favorite colors share space with hand-painted fibers that give pop and panache to any project -- eye candy! We invite you to explore the magic of color. The well-trained eyes of our staff will help you pair up surprising combinations for any pattern.

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An Inventive Approach

So many possibilities... Our store is bursting with potential new projects, artistic embellishments, fashionable patterns and a well-rounded stock of yarn and supplies to satisfy your imagination. We admit, the assortment is overwhelming -- where to start? Luckily, our staff generates fresh ways to approach new projects every day. Thanks to our loyal customers (who usually become great friends and knitting addicts, just as we are!), River Colors is a melting pot of creative energy.

Shop, Find, Create!
Get Inspired! Settle in with a cup of tea and treat yourself to an online shopping trip. Take your time browsing through our eclectic showcase of knitting yarns, patterns, books, supplies, notions and embellishments. We are pleased to have your company.

Buy needles, yarns and accessories at Rivercolors.com. Our online inventory and stock numbers are identical to that of local store. If you see something you like, you can buy it at our local store or click here to buy yarn online