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Hedgehog Fibres was introduced to us by two of our studio staff members. They traveled to Europe at different times and both came back with brilliantly colored and squishy hanks of sock yarn. When they displayed their souvenirs we all reached to touch and ooohed over the colors. We contacted Beata Jezek to find about carrying Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles because the Stephen West Doodler Knit along had just started. We are delighted to be carrying her line and will be slowly expanding the yarn base collection.

Hedgehog Fibres Hedgehog Fibres
Hedgehog Fibres

The company started as a natural extension of the hobbies that Beata loved, knitting, spinning and crocheting. She wanted more colorful yarns to work with so decided to create her own. It turns out that her last name in Slovakian means hedgehog. Looking for a good company name as her yarns became popular in her home Ireland, she decided to make Hedgehog Fibres her official company name.