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So it all started with a phone call; someone on the other end of the line said "Mr. Chester of Cestari yarns will be in town is there any chance that you would meet with him"? I remembered being quite taken by the yarn at one of the TNNA shows, but had already spent my new product budget for that year. Here was my time to see it again. I agreed to the meeting thinking that I would be done with Mr. Chester in half an hour. Well, that was not the way it worked out. He walked in with his cowboy hat and he filled my ear with many a story of his love of the earth, of nature and the business of yarn production. Eventually we got around to reviewing the yarns. The Traditional and Mt. Vernon collections made me remember how springy and lively a good wool yarn can be. You can feel just a touch of the lanolin as you work with it. The Monticello and Ash Lawn collections offered a United States produced cotton blended with either wool or silks. The colors are simple and pure. It was easy to add the collection to the Studio. These yarns are minimally processed so you will have to wash by hand. Give it a try, you will love the Cestari yarn collection for your hand crafted items.
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