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Prism Yarn

The company was founded in 1984 by Laura Militzer Bryant, a life-long knitter and fine artist trained in color and textiles. Since then, her one-of-a-kind yarns have been widely appreciated by knitters and crocheters for their intense and clear colors and textural variety. Many of the different Prism knitting yarn may be found in stashes worldwide. Once you see the colors and the incredible selection of fibers types all will power is thrown to the wind!

Prism Yarn Kid Slique
Kid Slique
Prism Knitting Yarn Pebbles
Prism Yarn Dazzle

In particular, we love their "Stuff" line. Each skein contains lengths of 30 to 40 different yarns, which are hand-dyed, coordinated by color and gauge, and tied together by hand. Within any one skein, you will find a world of wonderful textures -- smooth, boucle, fuzzy, glitzy … you name it! The Stuff yarns come in varying weights, and both with and without animal fibers. As you knit, the yarns change in different intervals. This makes a dramatic statement from the simplest shapes. One skein of Stuff makes a fabulous bias-knit garter stitch scarf, or can be used as a dramatic edging on a simple sweater. This unusual yarn will allow you to create a garment that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Prism also uses its special dyeing technique on a wide range of other luxury and novelty fibers, in each case creating fascinating color sequences that never muddy. Many of these yarns are gauge-compatible with Stuff, allowing one to "stretch" a skein of this luxury yarn. In addition, you can find Bryant's beautiful sense of color reflected in more traditionally constructed yarns, such as Symphony and Merino Mia.

Pattern support for these gorgeous yarns is no problem at all. Bryant releases innovative patterns twice a year that show her fabulous yarns to their best advantage. Patterns featuring Prism fibers have been created by many favorite designers, including Mari Lynn Patrick, and published in Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple, and elsewhere.

River Colors Studio carries many of the Prism fibers and patterns -- take a look and be inspired! Go Shopping!

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