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Noro Yarns

When knitters and crocheters think of Noro knitting yarn, they think first of brilliant, amazing color! These unique and unusual twists combine blends of luxury fibers -- including merino, cashmere, silk, and others -- and long color repeats that create one-of-a-kind projects.

This company is based in the Aichi province of Japan and was founded over thirty years ago by designer Eisaku Noro. Their yarns are created with a unique processes, in which production by hand is used as much as possible, saving energy and protecting the natural qualities of the fibers. The company is also known for their focus on low-chemical processes. One could say that they are one of the first ecologically-conscious manufacturers available in the handcrafting market.

Cash Iroha
Cash Iroha
Hana Silk
Silk Yarn Hana
Kochoran Yarn

Noro's training as a painter and fine artist is evident in his inspired and incomparable color combinations. As you work through a skein of their fine fibers, you will find vibrant hues which are surprising, unexpected, and fun. They truly speak to our inner child, whose color choices are unfettered and imaginative. Kureyon, the company's original hand-knitting yarn, gets its name from the Japanese pronunciation of the word "crayon".

Working with their products provide a truly unique creative experience. The rustic quality will give the simplest project a beautiful texture. Watching the color sequence unfold makes even a plain garter stitch scarf an engaging project. Modular knitting or crochet, or entrelac projects, are especially fun with knitting yarns from Noro . Because each hue in the skein appears in long repeats, these patterns will isolate the colors. For example, you can create a log-cabin blanket square with different colors without cutting and changing skeins! Alternating two colorways expands the already expansive possibilities. Their popular Kureyon and Silk Garden have recently been introduced in a fingering weight, which we love for one-skein scarf and shawl projects.

Noro Kureyon Yarn
Kureyon Sock Yarn
Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn
Silk Garden Sock
Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn

Many acclaimed designers -- including Jane Ellison, Jenny Watson, and others -- have found inspiration in Noro. You'll find plenty of fabulous designs using these unique knitting yarns to give you that creative spark. Many of these patterns are suitable for a beginning knitter or crocheter, since they incorporate simple shapes to show off the fabulous colors.