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Misti Alpaca Yarns

The dedication to alpaca is right there in the name of the company. Misti Alpaca is a family-owned company based in Arequipa, Peru,at the base of the volcano from which the company takes its name, into its fourth generation of business. Miguel Paz and his wife Lisa founded Misti International in 2003, bringing over 80 years of experience in the alpaca fiber trade to a company that produces fine handknitting yarns for the North American and European markets.

River Colors Misty Alpaca Yarns
tonos pima silk
Tonos Pima Silk
Misti Alpaca Super Chunky
misti alpaca lace
Misti Alpaca Lace

On the Misti International website you can read Miguel's heartfelt essay "Misti Legacy" and learn about the family behind the company. Miguel's grandfather Alberto Palaco created a market for the local alpaca fiber that was fair trade and sustainable long before it was trendy. He saw the need for this market as he drove cattle with his rancher father Telesforo, and began to buy alpaca and bring back to the city to sell. A native of Puno, the main alpaca region of Peru, Alberto spoke fluent Quechua, the language of the indigenous population who chose to sell their fiber to him.

It is because of alpaca that Miguel's family has prospered through the generations. In his words, "We are conscious that Peru has been privileged with this magnificent creature that is the alpaca. The fiber of alpaca is the pride of Peru, the gold of the Andes."

River Colors Studio is proud to be a retailer of Misti International yarns. For luxurious, quick gifts like cowls or scarves, nothing feels like Misti Alpaca Chunky, which we carry in both solids and Handpaints. Tonos Chunky is a tone on tone handpainted blend of 50% alpaca and 50% merino wool. We also have Qolla Chunky, which blends 20% alpaca with 80% merino wool, combining softness and warmth with a little more bounce. Or you might like Baby Me Boo Handpaint, a worsted-weight thick and thin blend of alpaca, merino wool and bamboo. On the lighter side, we also stock Handpaint Sock and Handpaint Lace, both of which make exquisite shawls and scarves.

Begin your journey to the Peruvian textile tradition with the fine alpaca yarns of Misti International from River Colors Studio.