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Maggiknits Knitting Yarns

Among the latest contributors to the long Celtic knitting tradition is acclaimed designer Maggie Jackson. A knitter and designer since her childhood in Northern Ireland, Maggie started out in the fashion world by designing ready-to-wear garments. She created knit evening gowns worn by Miss Northern Ireland in the Miss World pageant for a number of years. Now, she develops and distributes a signature line of gorgeous yarns, created with her stylish patterns in mind. Year after year, Maggie's yarns and patterns are favorites of ours and our customers. To say that she has a dedicated following at River Colors Studio is an understatement indeed! The release of a new MaggiKnits pattern book or the arrival of her yarn is an event

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MaggiKnits yarns all have a beautiful hand. From linen and cotton to wool, angora, and mohair, working with each is a luscious crafting experience. And, of course, the yarns combine wonderfully. In fact, many of her patterns incorporate multiple types of her yarn to produce a fabulous textural fabric effect. The color palette is subtle and elegant, evocative of the Irish countryside with global sophistication. The neutral colors smack of the understated elegance that are evident in her design lines.

As wonderful as her yarns are, you have to make one of her patterns to truly understand her creative genius. Jackets, wraps, skirts, sweaters, and more -- her patterns reflect the successful combination of traditional technique with contemporary silhouettes. She has the unique ability to work outside the box without ever looking over the top. Many designers are acclaimed for their interesting constructions, but Maggie's patterns are truly innovative. Frequently using modular construction, textured and cabled stitches, and interesting fiber combinations, MaggiKnits creations are truly works of wearable art. And we can emphasize the word wearable -- she designs garments that are flattering to people of every age and shape

At River Colors Studio, we are proud to offer her many pattern books and yarns. We're sure that every stage of a Maggie Jackson project -- from the knitting to the wearing -- will bring you tremendous creative satisfaction!