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About River Colors


River Colors crocheting and knitting yarn shop is located in scenic Lakewood, Ohio. River Colors online yarn shop was created in an effort to bring the world's finest fibers and craft stock to those unfortunate people unable to visit our physical location. The online knitting shop contains the same fine fibers and accessories contained in our store. When you buy yarn online you are guaranteed the same great service and quality of materials. What we stock in our store are the same products we offer on our Website.


The concept of River Colors Studio was born from the restless energy of a stay at home mom (me, Erika) who wanted to work but have flexibility as well. My mom was a first generation immigrant and taught me how to knit, crochet, sew, cook, clean and get what I want. My father was born in the United States, but lived in the Ukraine most of his formative years. He taught me how to love colors, create, be precise (I can be if I have to), be different and to be proud. Along with all of that wonderful informal training, I have lots of formal education— a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture (horticulture, to be more specific), and two Master' s degrees, one in Health Care Administration and one in Library and Information Science.

All of this education combined enabled me to take the restless energy and produce something that I love, River Colors Studio. My love of color, design and texture is second nature and is the result of endless hours spent helping my tenacious and spirited parents. I was taught sustainability out of necessity. We gardened and canned so that we had the best and freshest produce available year round. I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian as a teenager (I just could not eat our pet chickens!).

They both taught me how to work hard and strive for what you want to achieve, hence River Colors Studio. A place where you can be who you want to be... A haven from the demands of the workplace… a place that brings out the inner child in you... The one who still knows how to create. River Colors Studio is a tribute to the creative spirit in us all. It is about the ability to be an individual and think for yourself. We believe strongly that the individual is to be respected and most of all we believe in the power of being nice. Mean people suck.

Shop Hours

River Colors shop is open twenty four hours a day seven days a week... Online! You can buy knitting yarn and knitting supplies online when ever you like from anywhere. Unfortunately the physical store has to close at night. I have to go home to be with my family and sleep... That's very important. The store hours change with the season so I keep an up to date post of the shop hours on this page Shop Hours. The online shop hours never change, you can shop for yarn, knitting supplies and yarn accessories any time you like. If you find something you like and you just can't wait to buy it, provided your near Lakewood, Ohio, then just come to the store and pick it up and that, I feel, is fantastic.